Making It Easier to Change Plans — Cruise with Confidence

Temporary cancellation & final payment policies extended for cruises and cruisetours departing through December 31, 2021

  • Booking before june 30, 2021, cruises with sailing dates until december 31, 2021: cancel up to 31 days before de sailng date. Currently stablished cancellation fees will apply, but will have the benefit of applying this amount as a discount for futture cruise reservations with sailing dates until december 31, 2022 - whatever suits the passenger most.
  • Booking before april 30, 2021, cruises with sailing dates until september 30, 2021: final payment date will be delay to 60 days before the sailing date.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Do the standard terms of the final payment still apply?
The final payment is 61 days prior to sailing date for cruises with sailing dates before September 30, 2021. For cruises with later departure dates, standard policy will apply.

2.    Will the money be refundable or will all be given as a Future Cruise Credit?
The Future Cruise Credit only covers the cancellation fees. Every other amount is refundable. 

3.     Do I have to talk to Princess in order to enjoy this benefit?
No. You can contact with yout Travel Agent. Anyway the Future Cruise Credit will automatically apply in your Capitain's Circle account after the cancellation of the cruise. The Credit will not apply inmediately, please be patient so this Credit can be processed.

4.     What happens if there is a fare difference between the new cruise and the credit I have? 

If the new cruise fare is bigger than the available credit, you will have to pay the difference. If the Credit is bigger than the new fare, you can use it for an upgrade or keep it for a future cruise. 

5.     If I had booked Princess Vacation Protection, will this apply to my new reservation?
No. You will need to book it again.

6.     What if I have bought independet flights, will cancellation fees be covered?
No. You have to contact your airline company for reservation changes and cancellation policies.

covid-19 protection programme

This new element of the Cruise with Confidence programme provides further peace of mind for guests within 30 days of embarkation all the way through to disembarkation for bookings made prior to June 30, 2021 and sailing on or before December 31, 2021. It is designed to assist guests who, as a result of being suspected of having COVID-19 or testing positive for COVID-19, may be unable to travel to embarkation, may be denied boarding, may be quarantined on board or disembarked early. The programme outlined below will apply to the affected guests and their immediate travel party in the same stateroom.


  • 1. Future Cruise Credit (FCC) for 100% of the cancellation fee amount of non-refundable unused services, and a refund to the original form of payment for all taxes, fees, port expenses, and pre-paid onboard experiences and shore excursions purchased through the cruise line. Applicable, for guests and their immediate travel party in the same stateroom if any guest tests positive for COVID-19 within 30 days prior to embarkation or who may be denied boarding at the pier for a COVID-19 related reason.

On Board:

  • 1. FCC worth 100% of the per-day cruise fare for the missed days and a refundable credit to their onboard account for missed pre-paid onboard experiences and shore excursions purchased through cruise line, and for the refundable portion of taxes, fees, and port expenses for ports visited after disembarkation.
  • 2. Onboard COVID-related medical center visits and testing of suspected COVID-19 cases will be free of charge.


  • 3. Reimbursement of expenses for COVID-related medical care including during any medically required shoreside quarantine period for guests and their immediate travel party if any such guest(s) test positive for COVID-19 during their cruise. This includes air change fees in the case onward travel plans need to change.
  • 4. Any shoreside meals will be covered by a per-diem meal allowance as communicated by the family assistance coordinator upon disembarkation (no receipt retention is required)
  • 5. Dedicated Family Assistance Programme liaison for care and logistical shoreside support until medically cleared to travel home.
  • 6. Assistance opening COVID-related insurance claims (for those who are eligible under their insurance policies or travel protection plans)
    •  This programme is not intended to replace insurance or travel protection there are many non-COVID related reasons for travel protection plans.
    • Insurance may allow for refunds in some cases otherwise covered by FCC only.
    • Insurance coverage is subject to the applicable policy.


  • Guests with insurance will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses, as defined below, incurred but not covered by their insurance meaning that the guest must file a claim with their primary insurer, and submit any excluded or uncovered expense.
  • This programme shall not be applicable to a guest or any member(s) of their immediate travel party if such individual makes any false statements to the cruise line as to such individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status. The cruise line reserves the right to revoke any of the goodwill benefits provided in this programme in the event of discovery of such false statements.
  • This programme is not intended to provide long-term care for issues arising from COVID-19 and there will be no reimbursement of any expenses incurred after guest is medically cleared to travel home.