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fly & cruise to faraway destinations

Let us take you to explore the world.

Embark on the trip of a lifetime with a Princess Cruises. Exploring any faraway land, taking in a sunset from your balcony, dancing the night away in a cozy lounge or enjoying an intimate meal and conversation in an elegant restaurant. Choose your prefer destination. You will see the most exotic and amazing places you would have never imagine.

Fly & Cruise to South America 2018

Fly & Cruise to Southeast Asia in March 2018

Fly & Cruise to Japan in July 2018

Fly & Cruise to Japan in August 2018

Fly & Cruise to Alaska in 2018

Fly & Cruise to Australia and New Zealand 2018

Fly & Cruise to Asia in October 2018

Fly & Cruise South East Asia in New Year


A new way of cuising


Having an exceptional vacation means an experience that is effortless, giving you the time to do more of what you love. With Ocean Medallion Vacations on Princess Cruises, there is endless possibility for personalized attention and the ability to truly relax knowing everything will be handled.

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Let us take you where you want as you relax on board


In a Princess Cruise, you will always find something to do for you and your family. Each passanger has it's own space.

Walking through the ship opens endless possibilities. If you are a book lover, yo can go to the library; in the Piazza, people gather together to hear live music; you can watch a show at night in the thaeatre or go dance at the disco. If you wish to watch a movie, Movies Under The Stars is made for you...

Day and night, enjoy everything that makes you happy